Thank you

Allow me for a moment to introduce three immensely talented friends that contributed their God given gifts in helping create this web site.  I have professionally worked in media and the arts for virtually my entire professional career.  Personal feelings and gratitude aside, these three individuals are some of the most effective artists in their respective fields that I have ever come across. Please take the time to learn a little bit about them and look over their web sites…..I promise you will be glad you did

Anthony Antenucci – Producer / Artist extraordinaire (Los Angeles, California)

Anthony and I have worked on several business and ministry projects over the years.  No matter the objective or request, he consistently delivers incredible professional quality that exceeds my expectations each and every time. He is a master visionary: highly proficient in film, photography, video editing, special effects and audio mixing.  He is also a first rate software and hardware geek. Every time I recommend his services to someone or a company, they always come back to me singing his praises.  There is nothing in media that he cannot do….I mean it!

Michael Policastro – Musical Composer (Chicago, Illinois)

Many of our friends from faith Fellowship ministries in NJ can gladly attest to Mike’s highly proficient musical genius.  In addition to writing for concert hall, film, video and gaming, he was the church composer and arranger (brass, woodwinds, rhythm section and choir) for many years.  I have been blessed to call him friend for over 25 years. He can write in any style or idiom of music effortlessly, his natural ideas and concepts flow off of him as natural as water streaming down a fall.  He takes the direction given and delivers incredibly beautiful music every time.

Faith McCallion – Painter and Illustrator (Long Island, NY) – (Currently studying at Bethel Ministry in Redding, CA)

I first met Faith while mixing sound for her at the local church.  In addition to being a wonderful singer, I was drawn (pun intended) to her painting talents during a local Easter service in 2017.  Once I had the vision to have a painting created for “Jesus on Trial”, Faith immediately came to mind.  Although I was unsure if this was in her wheelhouse, I wanted to meet with her to discuss it.  Typical of how Jesus works, once I explained the vision she immediately knew the direction to pursue.  Faith also revealed while growing up she had aspirations of being a court room artist.  I just love how Jesus connects his church 😉