Christians are Stupid: "The ANTI-SCIENCE STRATEGY"

Christians are Stupid:                                                                              "The ANTI-SCIENCE STRATEGY"

There is a very specific blueprint being orchestrated by the hierarchy of America’s power mongers for the advancement of today’s political left.   The not so subtle attempts to undermine a Christian’s intellect in the court of public opinion is a foundational design in gaining the upper hand.  Much like a military battle field, the strategy is to gain control on the top of the hills and aim down; then fire on your enemy while they are seemingly in a defensive posture, scrambling to get on top.  The hilltop in this instance is the moral high ground.  For this encounter, target Christianity’s belief system as out of touch with modern day realities, specifically attempting to demean them as being led only by an ancient and out of date manuscript (the Bible).

Before exploring the tactics, let’s first look at their motives…..”Why Christians”?

Throughout world history, the power grab for territorial control always begins with government.  Once rule is established here, controlling the economy, military, education, media, arts and entertainment sectors is largely attainable.  The two remaining mountaintops critical for cultural control of a nation is family and religion.  In this instance, the subject is “Religion”

While I am referencing largely in part to America in this post, similar instances are taking place in Hungary, Poland, Brazil and Bolivia to name a few.  Wherever Christianity or discipleship in Jesus Christ is rising, the agenda of a leftist siege feels threatened.  Control of the United States is the key component to the ultimate globalist agenda and involved Christians remain a giant roadblock to their decisive prize.

2016 marked not only monumental shift in the federal government, but simultaneously there was a clearly defined moment in the American church.  Christians in particular were more galvanized in the voting process that any moment I can recall in my lifetime.  This newfound migration of unified voters helped pave the way for the election of president Trump.  Roughly 86% of evangelical Christians and 63% of Catholics cast their ballots for the republican nominee, setting the stage for the largest upset in modern political history.

Since this time, the left has been unsuccessful in their attempts to hijack the Christian religion and their voters with claims that Jesus would have been a social justice warrior and therefore a voting democrat.  The absurdity of such claims undoubtedly demonstrates the importance of silencing the motives from this voting block.

Any person with a modicum of objectivity can see the left’s machine in America is over the top, seething and foaming at the mouth over the election of Donald Trump. The past 3 years have demonstrated the progressives concession they cannot win over the voters in middle America with intellectual substance or genuine policies.  The absurdity of the Russia hoax and impeachment threats at every turn notwithstanding, it is the inability to effectively distort the truth when making the case to common sense voters that finds them in this position

They have now reverted to mocking supporters of this current president as back woods, out of touch racist hayseeds that cling to God, guns and religion.  In other words, it’s Hillary’s V2 “Basket of Deplorable’s” approach except they are now going full on boar public with it

The branding strategy for this particular 2020 ad campaign here is Trump, his cabinet, administration, supporters and Christians in general are anti-science.

The principle objections to the old and new testaments in relation to science is class room conclusions are pre-determined to be factual.  Any challenge to the status quo outcome of 21st century university textbooks in biology, astro-physics, geology, human anatomy, paleontology or chemistry is considered preposterous or better yet….simply illogical

With these boundaries in place, Christianity is ripe for ridicule when challenging human or cosmic evolution, climate change, abortion or most recently the handling of the COVID-19 virus.  All of these areas are key to controlling the narrative for the left’s power struggle.  Truth is simply irrelevant or inconsequential to the mission.

Ironically groups or individuals attempting to challenge the relevance of the Bible often cite their objections with claims the Bible ignores science.  Interestingly, no one I know claims the word of God is an educational primer in any field of scientific development.

Science means “Knowledge” and true science always agrees with the observable evidence.  Scientific research continues to unfold the wonders and mysteries in our universe.

Perhaps not so coincidentally, there is one collection of books that anticipated many of these SCIENTIFIC discoveries thousands of years before we even had the technology and resources to prove these theories.  What????….how can this be?….go ahead…take a guess which one?…..

Let’s look at a few noteworthy captures in this outdated book, shall we?

1. The earth free floats in space (Job 26:7)

2. Creation is made of particles indiscernible to our eyes (Hebrews 11:3).

3. The ark specifies the perfect dimension for a stable water vessel (Gen 6:15)

4. The darkness of the ocean floor contains springs (Job 38:16)

5. There are mountains on the bottom of the ocean floor (Jonah 2:5-6)

6. Leaves of trees are medicine (Ezk 47:12 / Rev 22:2)

7. Black holes & dark matter anticipated (Mat 25:30 / Isaiah 50:3)

8. Light can be divided (Job 38:24).

9.  Scripture assumes a revolving earth ( Luke 17:34-36)

10. Light travels in a path (Job 38:19)

11. Warns against eating birds of prey (Lev 11:13-19

12. Sun goes in a circuit (Psalm 19:6)

13. Circumcision on the 8th day is ideal ( Gen 17:12 / Lev 12:3 / Like 1:59)

14. The universe is expanding (Job 9:8 / Isaiah 42:5 / Her 51:5 / Zechariah 12:1)

15. DNA anticipated (Psalm 139:13-16)

16. Laughter promotes physical healing (Prov 17:22)

17. Consuming blood is dangerous to your health (Lev 17:12)

18. Description of dinosaurs ( Job 40:15-24)

19. Atomic fission anticipated (II Pet 3:10-12)

20. The universe had a beginning (Gen 1;1 / Heb 1:10-12)

21. The 2nd law of thermodynamics (entropy) explained  (Psalm 102:25-26)

Things that make you go hhhmmmm….   😉

The irony here is the left’s attempt to sit atop the mountain of moral high ground bears the opposite reflection in their mirror.

They are the one’s wallowing on the bottom of moral depravity:  While they regurgitate the incessant repetition of “It’s a woman’s choice” to justify abortion, they simultaneously worship to the altar of evil while laundering political money through abortion factories such as planned parenthood.  Yet this is supposed to go by somehow un-noticed or unaccounted for when customizing barbaric murder procedures of innocent children based on demand for specific organs and fetal tissue….ya know….in the name of science?????

Sadly many voters often gloss over these facts to justify opposing our current president’s policies of defending life.  Look no further than the treatment of Supreme Court justice Kavanaugh to the degree of coordinated energy and money spent to tear down a man’s position because he is a Christian looking to be promoted to the highest office of his profession…..a position he earned through hard work, academic excellence and God inspired wisdom.

I am admittedly a simple person…..but to not distinguish good from evil here is the height of principled hypocrisy

Can we now switch to the manufactured hysteria when this administration removed the United States from the “Paris Climate Agreement”?  Remember we are supposed to ignore this was entered into illegally to begin with???  Lest we forget, Mr Obama went back door without the consent of the peoples choice in congress because he did not have the required support of the 3rd branch of the federal government.

This does not take a brain surgeon to recognize a political power play on the world stage was taking place.  The left’s answer?….roll out Greta to market “Even a child grasps the magnitude of the planet’s demise”….UNLESS government steps in to intervene for economic control!!!!…

I can cite much of today’s climate concerns are noteworthy and real, yet to not recognize the overt distortion of facts for political domination is nothing less than intellectual laziness.

Can we change gears for a moment to human and cosmic evolution?… a staple in man’s playbook to remove God from the human condition.

What used to be “The Theory of Evolution” is now considered mainstream scientific facts today, yet the overwhelming evidence points to creation.

How did this happen?…..what discoveries were made to bare this out?…..the answer is there have not been any.

On the contrary, the more time goes by we learn of the discoveries and papers written by many highly educated scientists supporting intelligent design.  For those legitimately in search of truth this is both overwhelming and exciting.  Many of these men and women are agnostics, Muslims, Jews, Hindu’s and Christians, looking only to document the facts without preconceived religious connotations.

I can fill hundreds of pages here verifying the scientific authenticity of creation over evolution, utilizing countless fields of study from scores of PHD’s, doctors, specialists and other related experts.

By applying my God given common sense, I can also recognize the mission of Jesus being crucified on the Cross at Cavalry would be irrelevant and moot if Darwin’s theory was correct.

The truth is we cannot have it both ways.

To compromise truth is to knowingly and complicity engage in a lie, of which I will not participate.

The left consistently and frantically searches for methods to delegitimize Christians….”The Anti-Science” strategy is just one of many….

I love many fields of science & some not so much.  In high school I was exempt from final exams for 2 years in Biology and Advanced Biology due to earning straight A’s throughout the years.  On the other hand, I stumbled through Physics and barely made it out of Chemistry with a C average.

I also happen to be a Christian and disciple of Jesus Christ, whom believes in and appreciates the importance, significance and beauty of science

On this we can agree….

Please allow me to pause momentarily concerning the intellectual veracity of Biblical scripture.  Your decision to accept or reject the eternal implications presented in the compiling of these 66 books is yours alone to make.  However if you remain naturally suspicious, please consider the reams of historical records, archaeological data, eyewitness accounts and yes….numerous areas of science that are compiled by institutions with no affiliation to religious ideals but yet conclude the Bible is accurate.  In other words, it would be sheer ignorance or laziness not to at least examine the unbiased evidence for yourself to make an informed decision.  You never know….”The life in eternity you save just may be your own….?…or a family member….?…a loved one…..?… or friend…..?…”

Thanks for joining me here on the “Russak Outlook”

As always…..just my opinion….











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