Validity of the Bible

Validity of the Bible


“All scripture is given by divine inspiration of God”

–  2 Timothy 3:16 –

“In the beginning was the word, the word was with God and the word was God”

– John 1:1 –

“The Validity of the Bible”

The opening scriptures from above is an outright audacious claim. Such a bold statement demands to be pored over with thorough investigations.

Read by so many

I realized when evoking on this path is I would need to test the strength of the Bible in the light of numerous subjects. Since I am walking down roads that look at the origins and potential purpose of mankind: measured against polar opposite vantage points such as evolutionary science and theological values, it seemed essential that I would need to scrutinize the Bible’s accuracy and reliability. While I intend to explore the archaeological, prophetic and other claims in later postings, for the purpose of introduction and some initial intellectual confidence, I am satisfied to first examine the Bible as a literary work and as a historical document.

The first thing that strikes me is looking at the history of mankind’s reaction to the Bible. No other book has been so loved or so hated by so many. This has been adored and read by billion’s of people over the centuries, easily making it the best-selling book of all time bar none.

Israeli soldiers reading their Bible in the fields of battle

Even today, the Bible continues to be the # 1 selling book every year but is ominously omitted from the leading book publishing lists year after year after year. But why???? Interestingly, this book also offers the largest amount of language translations, often times for some of the most remote geographical regions in the world. What is even more remarkable is how it stood the test of time by having to survive through persecution; Consider over the centuries how many nations and governments tried to burn, ban and outlaw it.?

From the Roman Empire to present day communist and Islamic dominated countries, no other book has been so scrutinized and vilified. What book on religion, philosophy, psychology, and classical or modern times has evoked such venom & skepticism???, such thoroughness and erudition???, upon every chapter, line & tenet????

Underground churches clinging to their bibles

Yet it still remains loved, studied and read by hundreds of millions of people today. Again I ask…. but why????

This alone warrants a closer look at its value to mankind.

Throughout the Bible the emotions and moods run through the entire human spectrum, such as peaks of joy, valleys of sorrow & despair, times of certainty and conviction and yet others during times of confusion and doubt.

This was also written in a variety of literary styles;

Poetry, historical narrative, song, romance, personal correspondence, memoirs, satire, biography, autobiography, law, prophecy, parable and allegory.

The Bible also does not shy away from volatile and controversial subjects; marriage, divorce, remarriage, homosexuality, adultery, obedience to authority, truth telling and lying, character development, parenting, the nature and revelation to God.

From Genesis through Revelation these subjects were treated with an amazing degree of harmony and yet still maintains one single unfolding theme; God’s redemption of human beings. The paradise lost in Genesis becomes the paradise regained in Revelation. The leading character throughout claims to be the one, true living God made known through Jesus Christ.

What I find most compelling about this book is that it was written over a 1500-year span that includes 66 books written by more than 40 authors from every walk of life.

66 books, 40 authors and 1500 years of time

They included kings, military leaders, peasants, physicians, philosophers, fisherman, tax collectors, poets, musicians, statesman, scholars and Sheppard’s.

This collaboration of books was penned and compiled throughout the world on 3 continents: Asia, Africa & Europe and in 3 languages; Hebrew, Aramaic & Greek.

What is truly remarkable here is the symmetry between the books mostly without these writers ever having met or known any of the others?

How is this possible?

Think about forty different people spanning 1500 years contributing to one book without them knowing their writings were going to be compiled with others???

How is this even remotely plausible?

Yet somehow the central theme and message is written with uncanny detail and never wavers from Genesis to Revelation.

How can this ever be even considered as credible?

The answer is simple… is not possible, plausible or credible by any persuasive methods of human reasoning or deduction.

These points are mere tidbits that warrant a much closer examination of the intellectual veracity of scripture

I hope you enjoy the journey with me

As always…..just my opinion

My name is Mark Russak and this is “The Russak Outlook”

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