The scientific community promotes the origin of the universe and therefore mankind came about through the big bang theory.  This cosmic collision resulted in an incredibly precise and complex alignment of planets, stars, moons and sun by the development of countless laws of physics that randomly appeared by pure chance and coincidence.

Spacial explosions or divine order?

Somehow over the course of billions of year’s chemical evolution took place in a primordial soup on earth, again by pure chance inorganic material than evolved into the first organic living cell. Than from this we have hundreds of trillions and zillions of accidental mutations that led from lifeless cells to living cells to mankind today.  Yet science will state that religion and the belief in God is nothing more than a blind leap of faith and why would you go there when we have all the answers????…..I am sorry, perhaps it’s me????

A foundational issue in regard to mainstream science is that you must not allow even the slightest possibility of God or the miraculous enter into the equation of deduction.  In other words, everything must be explained within a natural state of circumstances as observed in nature.  If you were to even suggest or imply that God might have anything to do with what we observe in science, than it is not to be believed good science. My problem with this logic is what is the harm in even considering the supernatural when over 90% of the world believes in it? We have more than sufficient scientific evidence to suggest that God may have a hand in who we are and where we live.  Good science, like legal and philosophical arguments should be an observation of the facts…period.  So what if some conclusions lead you on a path to religious implications if you are genuinely searching for truth?  Or are they really in search of truth? In other words, is there another agenda that is being promoted?

From this science, certain religions have changed or altered their beginnings in order to adopt the big bang theory and evolution into their concept of God, because if science says it is so than it must be.  Therefore the rest of society must change their understanding of God to conform to science.

As a result, from Darwin’s original theory of evolution comes a new theory that this time includes God as the evolutionary composer. Privately science does not mind that you have included God, just don’t shout it.


As long as evolution is being presented as fact rather than theory, the objective is met with little or no concern as to how you get there. This appears to be compromise of the highest order by religious institutions, various church denominations and the scientific community.

For thousands of years many believed that man was made in the image of God but the current intellectual and cultural trend appears to be shifting to God being made in the image of man. How can we conform in order to fit God into our understandings and beliefs rather than us trying to understand and know who God really is?

I am a Christian who was raised in accordance of the tenants of the faith. I
was also taught in school about evolution as a theory by Charles Darwin, but have now watched it presented as a statement of acceptable fact in the 21st century. There is an obvious foundational dilemma when you introduce the Judeo Christian scriptures in the same room to Charles Darwin and “The Origin of Species”. Not only is the Genesis account of creation juxtaposed to twenty billion years of evolution, but also the very core of the heart, soul and spirit of the entire Bible becomes moot if evolution is in fact accurate.

The foundation of evolution is atheism; remember every single development in terms of time, space and matter in the universe took place by random chance. Than once everything lined up in perfect balance for the habitability of life to start on earth, the next mutation process would begin that led from that first single living cell to myself typing this book in a word document on my computer. In essence, my great ancestors are rocks.

If we evolved from animals it would imply that no God purposely created us. If evolution is true than there is no God & there is no God to help us with our daily problems. In addition, there is no hope for life after death. I have a fundamental problem with this when comparing what we observe sociologically.

Evolution states that there is no purpose or design yet we as a people are at times almost obsessed with searching and discovering what our purpose on earth is?  So much so that most believe finding their purpose is directly linked to an eternal destination of the spirit that is followed by the conclusion of their physical life.  Look at all of the books written about purpose, mental clarity, vision and mission statements, self help, discovery, creating one’s destiny, etc. So the elementary question is if there is no purpose than why do we care so much about it?

While I readily admit that if God could create the universe, He is surely capable of guiding the evolutionary process.  As I stated earlier, that is what many churches, temples and synagogues are currently supporting as well as some agnostics.

If evolution is correct, is this being orchestrated from above?

I also recognize that many people, particularly a fair number of Christians believe that much of the Bible is fabricated stories that were written just to teach us everyday life lessons.  But this does not change the direct contradiction to the accounts of the Bible. From Adam to Abraham to Jesus to present day man, God has revealed His plan as the only way to reconcile and unite mankind into an everlasting relationship that is constructed purely out of His love for all of eternity.

If the Biblical account of creation is true than that means that God is available to us today.  As a result, some will spend eternity in a paradise called Heaven in the presence of a loving creator and some will spend eternity in the absence of God in a horror called hell.  Therefore the truth of these consequences is enormous and it would be utter foolishness not to investigate the evidence.

This is the basis for a journey that I went on in searching for answers. I wanted to know the truth regardless of where this would inevitably lead. Although I readily admit to having believed in God prior to my research, I was determined to face this quest objectively.  If this meant that my very spiritual foundation would be rocked, than so is it, I simply wanted the truth.

I would like to ask you now to please remove any preconceived prejudice or bias, no matter what it is. I assure you that there is a wealth of information and revelation that you may have either not known about or considered.  If you are like me and want to know the truth concerning who God is and if in fact, does He really exist?  Than join me now as we examine the evidence that will lead you to a very natural conclusion.

As always…..just my opinion

My name is Mark Russak and this is “The Russak Outlook”


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