Can the Seven Mountains Shape Our World?

Can the Seven Mountains Shape Our World?


If one were to examine the primary areas of influence into our culture & thinking, the following 7 sub-groups cover the vast majority of the population, if not all.

Consider the far reaching effect each of these areas may have on you?

  1. Economy
  2. Government / Law
  3. Education
  4. Religion
  5. Media
  6. Family
  7. Arts & Entertainment

Interestingly, the past 20 years have impacted these categories across international boundaries more than the last 20 centuries combined.  What is so significantly different about today?….Technology!  Just consider this case in point: an advanced discovery in a biology lab in Tel Aviv can be extrapolated and further evaluated by partners in Madrid and Toronto almost immediately.  Thereby the results of their work can reach the market place and potentially the masses far quicker than imagined even 10 years earlier.

The growth of the tech industry has revolutionized all 7 of these areas almost simultaneously.  The transformation of these groups is now being impacted exponentially by the speed and mass of information dissemination.  What once took years or decades can now take place within a span of days, weeks or months.

Traveling at the speed of information

Since I believe these mountains of significance have the capacity to cause a shift in the tectonic plates of culture, it stands to reason the speed and lack of warning that hits the world or nations that may be impacted strongly resembles a sociological tremor.  The difference here between an actual physical quake is the desired outcome is sometimes pre-determined.

For example, the information contained in one tweet from America’s current president has the ability to dictate how the markets may react for the opening bell in Hong Kong the following day.  This in turn has the ability to further drive the economic direction for London, Frankfurt and New York mere hours later.  An example of this currently is US president Trump’s proposals for trade tariffs with China and some European companies.  This is clearly causing global trade tensions.  As China responds to the US tariffs, European shares are falling farther down in real time reaction to 2 continents government activities other than their own.

This in turn can have a double boomerang effect back to Asia, the US and their neighbors.

Contrast this to the display of economic sovereignty at the close of WWII, a bare 75 years ago. The war brought the return of prosperity, and in the postwar period America consolidated its position as the world’s richest country, bringing the U.S. phenomenal economic growth.  All of this was somehow taking shape even though the majority of ports in Europe and many in Asia had been destroyed or badly damaged.  Most bridges had been blown up; railway locomotives and rolling stock had vanished.  Great cities such as Warsaw, Kiev, Tokyo and Berlin were piles of rubble and ash.  This could not happen in today’s global economic climate.  The world’s economies are far to reliant upon each other today.  What impacts one country or region today certainly has far reaching effects across the globe tomorrow.

Technology is one of the primary pillars to be first laid in place when launching or expanding organizations today.  In the not to recent past, one used to attend school or university classes with book bags or nap sacks filled with books.

Not only are these books now offered in digital formats on one slim notebook, real time interactive response is also available for a quiz, test or a self imposed progress tool to measure comprehension of the material.  This is also no longer relegated to educational institutions but any entity that demands specialized training for their employees.

Now consider the reliance on custom software development that directly impact advances in medicine, energy, harvesting &/or distribution of food and water to third world nations or perhaps people in need for whatever the reasons.  Some of these common examples can offer a glimpse as to how these spheres of influence can cross pollinate with each other for man’s greater goo

Let’s consider an example of the various areas of expertise required to help deliver clean drinking water to a community, town or tribe in need.

The following is speculative but realistic scenarios of the illustration being described here:

  1. Education of the scientists, doctors, software and structural engineers that will develop the foundation as to how this water will be pumped, filtered and delivered to the locals.
  2. Business provides funding for the project.  Develops business and contribution plans.  Works with banks, financial and investment companies.  Seeks out philanthropic outreaches and contacts.
  3. Government offers assistance and cooperation with the private business sector by providing logistical and geographic gateways to reach the people in need
  4. Religious institutions assistance, which is motivated by their mission of love and humanitarian compassion
  5. Media’s coverage for newsworthiness, publicity, marketing and perhaps expansion
  6. Arts and Entertainment has the power to drive more public awareness from a multitude of levels within their own platforms.  This includes but is not limited to writers, artists, musicians, photographers, cameramen, web site developers and media tech guru’s.
  7. Family is perhaps the most dramatically impacted as potential recipients

Let me now offer a scenario that introduces a fundamental conflict of interest between 2 mountains.  Consider the educational curriculum’s teaching on evolutionary science may imply there is no God, thereby probably influencing some student’s previous assessment of purpose in life, family and faith.  These young students may have been taught one way in their earlier years but are now listening to arguments that challenge their evaluation by introducing new paradigms.  In the end, only one of these two vastly different perspectives can be true. Yet the conclusion one takes has perhaps lifelong and eternal implications for the individual and other people that cross their paths.  Glancing at these subjects on the surface may seem insignificant or inconsequential, but if we were to consider eternal implications rather than the temporal ramifications of the here and now…..well that just may be a game changer!

The purpose of this section is to document current examples that are impacting these societal changes within their respective fields of proficiency.  As I do this I suspect I will run across examples of men, women and organizations that are determined to climb their mountain of influence and plant the flag of eternity when they reach their goals.

As always….just my opinion


“No one can begin to understand eternity”

  • Job 36:26

“He has put eternity in their hearts”

  • Ecclesiastes3:11
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