Washington’s war with the American Heartland

Washington’s war with the American Heartland

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POCAST Introduction: This is a very unique and perhaps the most dangerous time in American history.  We have a duly elected president in office, facing some of the most trying periods in both US and world history.  We are coming off a year of biblical like natural disasters, out of control gun violence and national debt, a blatant disregard for law and order plus massive propaganda campaigns issued by what was once an American staple: “Freedom of the Press”     

Compound this with some very nasty actions and actors on the world stage emanating from North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, Syria, Venezuela and several North African nations.  If this was not bad enough, for the first time ever we have witnessed non stop attempts by very powerful Washington insiders to take down the incumbent president and his administration, all from within our own U.S. borders.     


Battle plans were drawn and constantly revised on the fly during and after the course of the 2016 US presidential election. The incumbent administration and the powers that move the Oz like levers behind the curtain that looms over the Potomac river, understood that in no way could they trust their fate to the American voting process. They had come to far and gained too much ground to lose it all now.

The eight – year run of “Hope and Change” was now closing in on its final act with no clear successor in sight. Despite the full backing of the DNC by the Obama led gang for the proposed sequel at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the early reviews were tanking badly. Notwithstanding constant script revisions, there was only so much good lighting, well-balanced make-up, softball interviews and high profile pay-offs can do to camouflage really bad acting.

Further complicating matters, an upstart self avowed socialist was drawing large crowds with early rave reviews. How can this be? Hillary was bankrolling the DNC through backdoor money laundering out of “The Clinton Foundation” and yet she still began to fade precipitously in the polling by early summer. Another favor had to be called in since people were still seeing through the obvious media and debate controlled bribes.

The Godfather himself beckoned a perceived kind gesture toward “Uncle Bernie” with a private invitation just outside the rose garden. Although not immediate, Uncle Bernie eventually bowed out of contention several weeks later with what one can only imagine was promised in return.

Now that Hillary was back on center stage without the threat of even an understudy lurking in the wings, the machine would pool all of its resources to propel her into the west wing as the 45th American president.

During this time the Republican Party was dwindling down to its final list of candidates. The lone exception being America was actually voting for their choice and unlike the democrats primary, their ballots actually counted. Like an unexpected wave emerging off the horizon, America was gravitating toward a brash New York City businessman instead of career politicians. He tapped into the frustrations of everyday common folk that understood our country was slowly having the life sucked out of it by whitewalkers wearing government issued Armani suits.

As cliché as this may sound, the majority of middle -America inherently knew our country was on the cusp of losing her soul. The early supporters of Mr Trump perceived the underlying message to the democrat’s mission was “Winter is Coming” ….America was now looking for their version of Jon Snow.

The fundamental transformation that Barack Obama promised was quickly becoming deeply embedded within our framework as a society. Although this conversion was juxtaposed to his campaign marketing, he none-the-less succeeded in hoodwinking his way through DC with a relentless cutthroat approach to gain his political objectives.

With the 2 candidates now squaring off head to head, America could not have 2 more clearly different choices to lead this country for the next 4 years.  At first the democrats openly clamored for Donald Trump to be their opposition, condescendingly mocking the absurdity of any notion towards the real estate mogul’s chances of ascending to the highest office in the land.   After all, Mrs Clinton was an attorney, former first lady of Arkansas and the US, a NY state senator and most recently, Secretary of State.  She also had the full backing of the Obama machine and the DNC, plus all of the elite media in her back pocket, Wall Street, Hollywood and a war chest filled with hundreds of millions of dollars.

She even had all of the former Bernie supporters, who now somehow came down with a severe case of selective amnesia. The corrupt elimination of dear Uncle Bernie from within the democrat’s own party was mysteriously erased from their minds. The indoctrination of the former lost sheep began and they got back in their pens as quickly as they were instructed. It was as though one could hear Rod Serling in the distance begin to recite: “You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind, a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead – your next stop, the Twilight Zone!

Now contrast Hillary Rodham Clinton to a loud mouth businessman from Queens with no prior political experience or support structure, a knack for off the cuff tweets that seemed to border on the absurd and all while simultaneously alienating the establishment powers from within his own party. This was clearly going to be one of the most lop sided slaughters in presidential history. Or so thought the snarky, so called sophisticated, self-appointed grandiose voting experts.

While all of this was playing out everyday across our televisions, computers, smart phones and other forms of information gathering, a revolutionary movement was taking place in the American heartland.

Common sense Americans understood Hillary’s penchant for lying to congress was illegal, smashing hard drives and servers was both bizarre and unethical, bleaching and scrubbing data records was deceiving, refusing to deliver 30,000 plus government emails is ungrounded, exchanging classified information on a private server is derelict of duty, trading government favors for financial donations to the Clinton foundation is a betrayal, selling Uranium to the Russians is treasonous and covering your husbands sexual abuse by ambushing and demeaning his victims is downright despicable.

This group of voters can also read and intellectually process the facts. As such, they also remember the debacles of Benghazi, the Whitewater scandal, Cheryl Mills, Huma Abadeen and Sydney Blumenthal.

These very same Americans also recognized they had an untamed, un-proven, un-tested man that was filled with his own warts from the past, several prior bankruptcies, a few divorces and a very big mouth. But unlike Hillary, he was not afraid to speak his mind about what was wrong in Washington. He spoke openly about the need to secure the southern border, our duty and obligation to replenish the military and DEFEAT Islamic terrorism, stand by our allies such as Israel, England and Poland. The commitment to actually CUT personal and corporate taxes, honor and protect the police and first responders, negotiate better trade deals, call out the UN on their continuous scams and perhaps one of the most important but often un-noticed stances: His pledge to fight for the humanity and the rights of un-born children.

A major but unforeseen weapon in Donald Trump’s ascension to office was the American church. There was a tangible awakening within the Evangelical and Catholic churches to get involved, learn the issues, understand the distinctions being offered and pray for America. Just like the establishment republicans, there were the Christian purists that attacked the Trump campaign for his past sins. They got on their soapboxes and railed against this man as though they somehow assumed they were responsible for interviewing America’s next pastor, rather than a leader that was willing to fight for their voices to be heard

Similar to America’s early years and founding, approximately 100 Christian leaders met and prayed with Donald Trump during the summer of 2016 in NYC. After several hours, they came out unified in their belief to support and pray for him moving forward.  They were willing to roll up their sleeves and place their reputations on the line to help a man that was about to encounter some of the most ruthless and merciless forces on earth

There was plenty at stake here, but perhaps none more important than the MILLIONS of unborn babies that were being slaughtered annually; at times in some of the most barbaric and heinous fashions imaginable. The heart of this country witnessed the democrat’s abuse of an abortion factory as a political money-laundering front named “Planned Parenthood”, all the while masquerading under the pretentious guise of “Women’s health

As a nation, we are reaching the lowest stages of character known in our history. We have sunk to such despair; we are now murdering innocent children for power, money and votes.

The closer we came to election – day, the difference in passion between supporters of the two candidates was remarkably clear. Middle America and their candidate was fighting hard for their mission while Hillary and the dems undertaking was just trying to run out the clock since their polling showed them with an overwhelming victory come November 8th.

The rest as they say is now in the past and everyone knows the Clinton / democrat machine got their clocks cleaned by America’s favorite basket of deplorables. The final tally was Trump with 306 electoral votes to HRC’s tally of 232.  Exit polls revealed 81% of Evangelicals along with 58% of Catholics cast their ballots for Mr Trump  


This remarkable turn of events also revealed the degree of corruption and lies hidden deep within the bowels of DC. This turns out to be exponentially larger than anyone could have possibly imagined. As I stated at the top, there was far too much at stake for team Obama to potentially lose due to Hillary’s pathetic ineptitude and negligence.

The insidious Obama machine put plan B in motion months in advance of the November election, which came in the shape of “Go to Jail” cards for Donald Trump or anyone that may possibly be aligned with his team.

Do whatever it takes to bring down the Trump presidency and the hell with the will and votes of the American people.

Anyone with a modicum of common sense grasped the corrupt depravity of former Attorney General Eric Holder, but we now see the nefarious arm of the justice department stretched their tentacles so far as to reach the FBI, the CIA and other departments of intelligence gathering. Leading up to Inauguration day and several days afterward, it became blatantly obvious that Barry Soetoro and his team of high priced thugs were laying land mines for the incoming president.

Think about just how serious this is, the departing president was intentionally trying to bring down the incoming president of America with illegal wiretaps, serial abuse of the FISA process, conspiring with foreign agents, manipulating the press with massive propaganda campaigns and perhaps most dangerously, weaponizing the most imposing government agencies. They targeted, monitored and illegally unmasked political opponents, including congressmen, journalists that were not reporting favorable stories, Trump allies and average Americans.

It’s increasingly apparent that these recently exposed abuses of power served two apparent purposes: to Guard Hillary Clinton’s candidacy by protecting her from prosecution arising from the use of her unauthorized private server, and to destroy and dissolve the candidacy and presidency of Donald Trump.

By now we all know the names involved: James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe, Andrew Weissmann, Sally Yates, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, James Clapper and John Brennan.

Yet the one name I have yet to hear is Barack Hussein Obama.  Are we really supposed to believe these political appointees and loyalists that report to Mr Obama were somehow running a freelance game of take down the incoming president without the presidents knowledge or consent?  Come on now….let’s get real, shall we?  Although I may not agree on most occasions with Mr Obama’s policies and methods, none the less I have always had a healthy and mindful respect for his intellect and political savvy.  The man simply knows what he is doing and is keenly aware of his surroundings at all times.  Not to mention as the president of the United States, he is the boss.

I may not be the smartest man in the room but if you are willing to place a wager that Barack Hussein Obama did not know full well what was going on and fully supported the methods being used to undermine Donald Trump….I’m in.  Being a New Yorker I know of a great deal on a bridge that separates lower Manhattan from the boro of Brooklyn…… are you interested?

America’s voters will always have disagreements on policies and candidates.  This is the way it should be, rigorous debate which travels from the halls of congress directly to office water coolers and family kitchen tables.  But no matter our politics or party affiliation; If we cannot be honest enough to recognize with grave concern the degree of corruption that has been intentionally disseminated by design through most branches of government, we are either oblivious, unwilling to exercise independent thought & analysis or complicit in surrendering to thoughts of hopelessness.  Either way, it’s our choice..…..

As it turns out the in the end, the American heartland won this latest battle for our nations survival and future course in direction.  This includes but is not limited to the great citizens of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio.  Now all we need is some rigorous exchange of frank and truthful conversations in California, Chicago and the industrial northeast and we just may have something special here.

As always, just my opinion….

My name is Mark Russak and thank you for joining The Russak Outlook”

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